Our Difference

We don't take the trust you place in us lightly. You deserve a financial planner that commits to the highest ethical, legal, and competency standards. It sounds simple - but most financial planners do not hold themselves to higher standards.

What Is A Fiduciary?

Simply put, a fiduciary is someone who is legally responsible to act in your best interest. While many so-called financial advisors might be very nice people, very few are fiduciaries. Instead they subscribe to a 'suitability' standard.

What does that mean for you? They are salespeople, not advisors. They can sell you products or make recommendations that make them the most money, at your expense with no accountability.

Why we have taken the Fiduciary Oath:

Its the right thing to do. We want to be held to the highest standards. You can expect the advice we provide is based on a thorough analysis of your situation and a financial plan to help you reach your goals.

We adopt the full oath from The Committee for the Fiduciary Standard.


The way your financial planner is compensated can make all the difference in the recommendations they make for you.

Fee-Based and Commission advisors receive compensation based on the specific products or investments they recommend. They are only compensated for 'advice' that involves purchasing a product and not with comprehensive planning.

At WealthFD, we are Fee-Only. We do not accept commissions, 12(b)1 fees, or referral fees. We charge transparent fees for the advice we provide. The only revenue we earn is from the transparent fees you pay us.

Why we are a Fee-Only Financial Planner:

Being fee-only is the most ethical and fair way to work. We feel your financial planner should be there to protect and grow your financial future, not exploit it for personal gain.

We actively eliminate potential conflicts of interests inherent in the financial services industry. If we can't eliminate a conflict, we'll fully disclose it and manage it in your favor.


We are completely independently owned and operated. Because of this, we do not have any restrictions in our recommendations. We have access to recommend any investment, insurance, or financial planning strategies without the interference of third parties.

Other advisors may seem independent, but many have relationships with banks, investment, or insurance companies that have sales quotas and product restrictions.

Credentials and Specializations.

Our Team holds industry leading designations. Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), Masters of Science in Financial Planning (MSPFP), Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Student Loan Professional (CSLP®) and more. We are consistently recognized as thought leaders in the financial planning profession and speak at over 50 industry events annually.

While we're proud of our team's top credentials and accolades, that isn't enough. We specialize in working with a specific set of client needs to provide the most in depth, personal, and advanced recommendations.

FD Financial

As a member of FD Financial, we're here to support you with more than just your wealth. Through our sister companies, TaxFD and MortgageFD, we offer a wide range of services completely focused on keeping your finances moving with you.

WealthFD is a visionary wealth management firm renowned for our unwavering commitment to skill, innovation, and out-of-the-box strategies. However, what we value most is our distinguished reputation among clients for our unwavering integrity, utmost respect, and unwavering trust.

MortgageFD stands as a trusted mortgage brokerage firm, propelled by an unwavering dedication to providing adept solutions, competitive rates, and exceptional service. With a team of seasoned brokers, our clients flourish as we craft a personalized experience, extending the highest degree of service and expertise throughout the entirety of their mortgage journey.

TaxFD stands out among tax and accounting firms with our remarkable responsiveness, technical expertise, innovative spirit, and eagerness to exceed client expectations. We treat our clients as people and friends, not just numbers. Our clients count on us to impeccably handle their tax, business, and personal affairs with utmost professionalism and precision. But it's more than that - we keep their aspirations and principles at the core of our work.

more than 'just' a mortgage


MortgageFD, our sister company, revolutionizes the mortgage process - making it seamless, lightning-fast, and completely transparent to get the lowest rates for you. By prioritizing proactive communication, aggressively negotiating lowest rates, and delivering unparalleled service, we've earned a reputation with our clients that sets the bar high.

MortgageFD can help you:

  • Buy A Home
  • Refinance Your Loan
  • Find Solutions To Your Unique Solutions
  • Work With Several Lenders
  • Call Listing Agents

tax & accounting services


As your making home lending decisions, often taxes come into play. Whether you are needing to organize tax documents for a loan, determining the interest savings on your mortgage, or determining whether or not an investment property can save you tax dollars.

TaxFD, our accounting and tax sister company, drives tax planning strategy and merges your new home into your tax plans. We work closely together to have a complete team of professionals, all creating, implementing, and optimizing your tax plans in concert and coordination with one another.

TaxFD can help you with:

  • Individual & Business Tax Preparation
  • LLC Opening and Processing
  • 1031 Exchanges and Reverse 1031 Exchanges
  • Mortgage Interest and Property Tax Savings Analysis
  • Secondary Financing Solutions to Minimize Gift Tax Exposure
  • Bookkeeping & Accounting
  • Payroll Set-Up and Processing
  • Legal Entity Planning
  • Outsourced CFO Services


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