Wealth Management

More than 'Just Investments'

What Is Wealth Management?

Wealth management is a strategic approach to financial planning that covers all aspects of your financial life. We go beyond just investments, because your life is more than just dollar signs.

You think about more than than just saving or outliving your money - you think about life, and money as a tool to support your life. We create 100% custom financial plans for you that are optimized to your needs, personality, and goals. Remove the headache of complexity and the heartache of uncertainty while receiving comprehensive advice from a fiduciary & fee-only Certified Financial Planner.

Bringing a personal touch with institutional Resources

Your Wealth Management Team

We believe in a team-based approach to your Wealth Management. Your day-to-day team includes 3 dedicated Wealth Managers, supported by specialized resources and team of our entire firm.

While we have the resources in-house for all of your Wealth Management needs, we understand you have existing relationships with external advisors. Our approach integrates all WealthFD internal resources and your external advisors for a cohesive, coordinated service experience.

For new & prospective WealthFD Clients

Onboarding Client Experience

As a new client, you're excited to make progress on your financial life. We've designed a structured, comprehensive onboarding experience for clients designed to maximize your value, foster personal relationships with your wealth management team, and build confidence in your financial success.This process not only brings clarity and establishes expectations, but also empowers you to learn & understand complex wealth management strategies.

Get Organized


Financial Snapshot

Projections & Scenarios


Meeting 1

Get Organized.

How much time do you spend trying to remember, or just resetting, all the various passwords to all your financial accounts and products? Probably too much. This is an easy problem to fix, and we can help you get it all sorted out.

  • Our goal is to get your financial life in order by aggregating all your accounts into our state-of-the-art financial platform.
  • By working with us to collect all your information into one central hub, you’ll be able to quickly understand where you are with your financial planning goals.
  • The client portal allows us to send you secure tasks and messages, alerting you to changes in your financial position.
  • We can quickly make expert recommendations during our ongoing meetings, and help hold you accountable to goals we agree upon together using the client portal.

Meeting 2


Do you know all of your goals and priorities? Most people don't. We'll learn about you as a person and uncover what matters most to you. Our planning process is goal-focused and driven.

  • We ask questions to learn more about your personal values and what matters most to you. We believe this values-based approach helps us create the most effective framework from which to build your financial plan.
  • We want to know what events have shaped your feelings around money. The majority of our major financial decisions are made based on how we think and feel about money.
  • Uncover upcoming financial transitions that may provide planning opportunities or risks. These might include moving, having a child, or getting a new job.
  • Discover your goals and prioritize them in a way that maximizes your security, contentment, and happiness.
  • We make recommendations based on your unique financial picture by putting ourselves in your shoes and thinking about what we—as experts in the field of personal finance—would do in your situation.

Meeting 3

Financial Snapshot

The purpose of this meeting is to confirm the data we have gathered so far and develop a detailed inventory of all financial accounts.

  • Banking Structures & Accounts
  • Other Assets
  • Credit Cards & Loans
  • Personal Bookkeeping
  • Insurances

Meeting 4

Projections & Scenarios

The purpose of this meeting is to develop a financial ‘base case’ consisting of your projected income and expenses. This will be used as the basis for evaluating future plans and improvements.

  • Review Expected Income
  • Review Living Expenses
  • Liability & Insurance Payments
  • Other Expenses
  • Savings
  • Explore Projections
  • What If... Analysis


The purpose of this meeting is to review your comprehensive financial planning projections, observations, recommendations, and scenario analysis.

  • Review Recommendations
  • Review Investments
  • Identify Monitoring Items
  • Planning Scenario Analysis

For Existing WealthFD Clients

Ongoing Client Experience

As a current client, we prioritize your ongoing value, confidence, and comfort. We've finely tailored a structured meeting experience to emphasize frequent communication, proactive monitoring, and flexibility for life's changes. This approach ensures you remain well-informed with your advanced wealth building strategies, accountable for implementing recommendations, and in sync with your deducated wealth management team. We're consistently refining our service levels to personalize your service to your needs and adapt to the evolving financial landscape.


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