Military Dentists

We focus on your finances so you can focus on your patients.

You Care For Those Who Protect Our Nation.

Your dentistry benefits the most deserving patient population in the country. Additionally, you have access to some of the most specialized training in the country and often work in teams to solve challenging cases. You love that you’ve been able to serve your country without all the risks and struggles starting or owning your own dental practice.

At WealthFD, we applaud all that you do to care for those who protect our nation. You’re likely free from the significant student loan debt of most of your peers, and are instead wanting to know how to save, protect, and maximize your financial future.

After your four years of service, you may be asking what makes the most financial sense as a civilian dentist. Our financial advisors can run projections to compare buying an existing practice, starting your own, or the simplicity of working corporate. There’s no blanket answer. We help you navigate these pressing questions and reach your life goals with our dedicated, dentistry-focused planning process.

Here's How We Can Help

Savings & Expenses

It’s pretty amazing what you’re able to save as a military dentist, and you want to make the most of it when you rejoin civilian life. When planning properly, you will have a huge head start. Crafting your goals together we can get you to important milestones by making the most of your current cash flow.

Fiduciary. legally responsible. no exceptions.

Our Promise To You

Like you, we give competent, objective advice that’s always in the best interest of those we serve. We’re skilled listeners who offer financial advice tailored specifically for dentists. And just as we do with every client, our financial advisors promise to abide by the fiduciary standard.


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