Empty Nester

We focus on your finances so you can focus on your family.

Wow... Time Flies.

It's like you went from changing diapers to college dorms over the course of a week, not 18+ years.

This has been the moment you've been waiting for... or is it? You're not alone in your feelings of excitement and re-discovery, riddled with spells of emptiness. And while your parenting responsibilities are never going to be over, you have newfound time to pursue your own passions.

This period of reinvention sparks a transition from your family goals into your personal and couple goals.  We'll help you identify what matters most, and develop a plan to get there.

In additional to your personal changes, you'll experience financial changes such as loss of tax deductions/credits, decrease in day-to-day expenses (though expenses might be higher with college tuition), changing investment objectives, and lesser need for insurance coverages.

This phase is key to your future retirement success - both personally and financially. We help families conquer this transition to retire years earlier.

Yes, we said it, YOU are an entrepreneur. From start to finish, your dental career is truly a financial enterprise. You start with six-figure student loans and often conclude with you selling your beloved practice at retirement. Even if you decide practice ownership isn’t in your future you need to maximize your production while staying true to your treatment philosophies.

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Are you trying to find time for hobbies, activities, or travel? We'll help discover what means the most to you, and achieve those goals.

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Our Promise To Your Family

Family bonds are based on unconditional trust and dependence on one another. Unlike most financial advisors, we take an ethical and legal commitment to do what's right for your family.


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