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The Wisdom Of Age.

You see the world differently today than you did just 10 short years ago; that’s what the wisdom of aging brings. You see an opportunity to create something positive and hopeful with your remaining estate. You may need to make slight changes to what you’re leaving behind for family and friends, or perhaps you’re considering a whole new approach.

We Help You Understand Legacy Planning.

In either case, we can help you understand how legacy planning will work with your current financial situation. In some cases, giving to charities or family now can minimize your annual tax liability. However, what’s most important is keeping you prepared for any unexpected bumps or curves that lie in your road ahead.

We’re proud and humbled to help multi-generational families with their financial planning needs. WealthFD can certainly work together with you and your family on the best approach for the decisions ahead. We know you’re in the driver’s seat on this journey we call life, but we’re always here to help!

Here's How We Can Help

Tax Planning

You may have opportunities to achieve significant tax savings both today and over your heir's lifetimes by maximizing capital gains, using Roth conversions, and other strategies.

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Our Promise To You

Like you, we give competent, objective advice that’s always in the best interest of those we serve. We’re skilled listeners who offer financial advice tailored specifically for dentists. And just as we do with every client, our financial advisors promise to abide by the fiduciary standard.


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