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Happiness In Your 70’s.

You’re probably living where you want, doing what you want, and are filling your days reconnecting with friends and family. The future is bright and you’re enjoying all the hobbies, travel, and leisure activities you didn’t have time or money for in your working years.

Your Freedom Years.

Retirement spending can vary during these “freedom” years, and it may feel like there are limitless opportunities to spend money just about everywhere.

This is why you may need a spending plan. Working with our financial advisors, we can craft a spending plan together that works best with your goals and needs for the future. These may include things like long-term care and medical savings, mortgage paydown, contributions to the grandkid’s college funds, and the list goes on.

Importantly, we also discuss taxes, distribution rates of your retirement accounts, and other issues that will keep you with enough money to enjoy the retirement you had planned on.

Here's How We Can Help

Tax Planning

Caught off guard by the sudden increase in taxes and Medicare premiums? We'll help control the impact that Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) have on your spending.

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Our Promise To You

Like you, we give competent, objective advice that’s always in the best interest of those we serve. We’re skilled listeners who offer financial advice tailored specifically for dentists. And just as we do with every client, our financial advisors promise to abide by the fiduciary standard.


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