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Enjoy The Freedom Of Retirement In Your 60's.

Retirement can feel a lot like high school summer vacation — there’s no more 9-to-5 grind and every day is Sunday fun day! The flexibility and freedom of no longer having to worry about that stress-filled job is one of your favorite perks. You feel happier now than you ever have – we’ve heard it referred to as “retirement glee” and we can’t wait to experience it too!

Whether you have a part-time job or enjoy volunteering, it’s still important for you to stay engaged with something that feels purposeful. You’re spending a lot of time, energy, and money on all those things you didn’t have time to do while working – a luxury cruise, trying all the best restaurants in town, and finally making those home improvements you’ve talked about for years. Yet you still haven’t thought through your financial future with an advisor.

WealthFD thinks it’s critical to get clarity on your financial picture because you have many more years of adventure ahead. Let’s create a spending plan together based on your retirement distributions, while considering what Social Security and Medicaid options are best. We can chart your most important goals and then fit all the rest of the pieces into a comprehensive plan.

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Retirement Planning

When you retire you have to decide how you’ll replace your paycheck. We'll coordinate your portfolio, pension, and Social Security benefits to maximize your income stream.

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Like you, we give competent, objective advice that’s always in the best interest of those we serve. We’re skilled listeners who offer financial advice tailored specifically for dentists. And just as we do with every client, our financial advisors promise to abide by the fiduciary standard.


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